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Understanding our client's needs... precisely

Hello and welcome to Murphy Chartered Surveyors, Property consultants and real estate agents, one of the key advisors in the Northern Ireland property market - and one of the most pro-active companies working in the sector.

Murphy Surveyors provides advice and guidance to property owners, landlords and tenants on issues relating to their commercial, residential and land assets – with an emphasis on the high street, shopping centres, supermarkets, out of town and Garden Centre markets.

Good with people. Great for business.

Working both independently and collaboratively, Eamonn Murphy (pictured) is central to achieving significant successes for a wide range of clients.

He places an emphasis on unrivalled local knowledge, strong relationships, and a deep understanding of the market in Northern Ireland.

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Understanding our client\'s needs... precisely

Delivering Client Requirements... Expertly

Latest News

Tuesday, 19 May 2020 News

How to shop in-store has changed

How to shop in-store has changed

As more businesses open up, the way we shop has changed.

We are now encouraged to be patient, queue and adopt a no touch common sense approach to only pick up items we really think we are going to buy.

We are seeing some businesses deciding to introduce quarantine procedures for clothes / books for between 48...

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Thursday, 14 May 2020 News

We may have to live with covid-19 in retail

We may have to live with covid-19 in retail

As the pandemic unfolds we are now getting a message that we may just have to live with the virus for the foreseeable future.

The economy has shown negative growth in the first quarter of 2020 and the lock down will push the UK into a recession which could last some time as the economy and society adjusts.

So what could be the...

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Monday, 11 May 2020 News

lease renewal in a pandemic

lease renewal in a pandemic

I have various clients who have lease renewals and rent reviews in Northern Ireland at the moment.

Some are historic from 2019 and some are coming up within what is the pandemic Covid-19 period.

It is amazing the views that different people are taking at this time, thinking that the past in any way will mirror the future in...

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Director level service


Eamonn Murphy is a firm believer in commitment. Commitment to every project and every client – at every level, and at all times.

It is this ‘hands-on’ approach that has enabled Murphy Surveyors to establish a well-deserved reputation for adding an unrivalled personal touch to the business world.


When you work alongside Murphy Surveyors, you get this Director Level Service at all times, with no stone left unturned in the commitment to excellence.

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Portadown Unit 21, High Street Mall

Unit 21

High Street Mall


BT62 1HX

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Portadown High Street Mall Shopping Centre

High Street Mall Shopping Centre


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Derriaghy Industrial Park, Dunmurry, The Cutts, Belfast, BT17 9HU

Derriaghy Industrial Park,


The Cutts,

Belfast, BT17 9HU

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