Friday, 10 April 2020 News

Beyond the Covid-19 lockdown - we will all get it at some point

Beyond the Covid-19 lockdown - we will all get it at some point

I am sure, like me, you are consuming news and information on the virus and how to deal with it from a personal and business point of view.

We are all going to get it eventually, it's just when, how bad and if you need help, can you get it.

At this point we are in a lock down holding pattern....we will all be out on "prisoner release'' in the coming months depending how we and virus behaves. We don't know when or for how long and if this will happen in stop / start phases, as directed by government guidance and public health direction.

As we come out back into circulation and off government subsidies, society and the economy will have evolved and changed, we will all have be part of this forced experiment. We just don't know what will happen during the second half of this year and beyond.

Things I think that should be considered now in the retail world are:

..How will people wish to shop and spend what money they have in the coming months...Bricks n Mortar versus online.

..If consumers come to stores to shop what will they expect from the retailers eg social distancing measures ( instore and outside), enhanced hygiene practises, click n collect / return zones, separate contact less and cash tills, limited numbers in store, sneeze screens, hand sanitiser stations....what is clear is that customer will wish to feel that you are a brand/business doing your best to manage their exposure to the virus, when they come into a store. This will ultimately affect the store turnover and running costs and may make stores not viable in the short term or longer.

..Those businesses that can offer different ways and routes to shopping will be the brands that will survive the current it can be a simple as adapt or die.  

..New lease structures and clauses should be prepared from the landlords and tenants perspective, as we see the rise of the COVID-19 / pandemic clause going forward.

The suggestions that I have picked up from broad reading to date is that the virus will be around for some time and maybe forever so it best to plan now on what ways we have to change and adapt to continue trading in the retail environment so customers will spend money with you. 

We will have to learn to live with the virus and manage it as we have done in the past with other health threats.

What is clear is that we must still operate  function lives and businesses whatever form they take going forward.

stay safe and stop the surge