Wednesday, 29 April 2020 News

call pay collect

call pay collect

How is your high street working to date.

My local one is "call, pay and collect" mostly. A few businesses are offering an enhanced service by doing social distancing, waiting zones at the door and some delivery.

The month of April has seen essential local business pushing forward to survive and help the local community in their area, as best they can.

I have also seen national chains slowly closing stores, either because they can't get staff to work due to the virus or the way they are working doesn't make it viable to function at this time.

I suspect this enforced way of living and working will lead to many nationals rationalising store numbers the longer it continues.

Lets see what May will bring.

In Northern Ireland the 1st of May is the next rent quarter date, I suspect it will bring further frustration for all as new bills are issued.

stay safe.....stay sane