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Cotswold renew Boucher Shopping Park Belfast lease

Cotswold renew Boucher Shopping Park Belfast lease

It's always a surprise when you get a call on something you helped with 15 years ago.

In the middle of 2020 I was asked by Cotswold Outdoors to provide some initial advice/guidance on a lease renewal for a property that I had historically acquired for them.

As someone who loves the outdoors and is a customer of the business this was a meant I could do some shopping during my inspection.

After a 12 month process of discussions with the landlords, the client has achieved a rebased occupation costs and modern lease terms that enabled them to retain this location in Northern Ireland.

They have also updated the offering and now include a runnersneed concession in store.

If you have a retail warehouse lease renewal or rent review coming up in Northern Ireland, give me a call....maybe I can help.