Tuesday, 31 March 2020 News

End of another financial year in business.

End of another financial year in business.

I have come to the end of another financial year in business.

While the retail and leisure market has been tough, who new at the start of 2020 what would happen this year, with most of my clients now closed.

Today, all I can do is be at the end of the phone to have a chat with people, reflect, future planning and problem-solving based on assumptions that may or may not happen.

There is a future for the retail and leisure market, what form it takes and who will be working in it will unfold in the next nine months......hopefully I will be asked to contribute to the rebuilding of these industries.

Today I also read about the start of redundancies in the corporate real estate practices, due to foreseen deterioration of economic conditions and as part of long term strategy reviews of businesses.

Very tough times ahead need resilient strong motivated people, so if you want someone like this to help you, give me a call.

Stop the surge and rage against the virus......not each other.