Thursday, 05 April 2018 News

It's tough out there

It's tough out there

As I come the the end of another year in business, look back and plan forward with client's, it seems that everyone is having a tough time at the minute.

While it is good to read some of the press and media about whats going on in the world and locally, I place a lot of weight on what my clients tell me and the challenges they are facing.

Over the last 12 months there is no doubt in my mind that with rising operating costs and reduced spending in the physical high street, in a lot of sectors, that business is very difficult for companies.

For those burdened with large debts we are seeing further companies turning to CVA's to survive.

I have even noticed in the pop-up or start up sector in Northern Ireland at least, there is very limited activity over the last 12 months and I don't thing this will change for the year ahead.

I observe in local property portals a rise in premises being listed for small local business as the minimum wages bits and people decide that maybe running there own business isn't worth while any more and they just want a job.

At the same time there is a disconnect with what landlords perceive is going on with there customers ie the tenant and the reality of how there business are trading.

The above said, it was great to be involved in a Grade A office letting in Belfast, that saw 8 people view the 7,500 sqft suite, three offered and the business that is leasing the space creating up to 75 jobs its not all bad news out there at the minute.

At the start of another year, I always hope to make enough money to pay the bill's and that my clients make it through another 12 months....such is the sentiment I came across at the minute.

Its tough out if you might be interested in working with me, be sure to give me a call, others do.....