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Murphy 20 years in N Ireland property

Murphy 20 years in N Ireland property

Its always a bit scary, when you reach a mile stone, in your working life.

This month sees Mr Murphy, 20 years in the Northern Ireland property market.

Having started our venture into property some 30 years ago, moving to Scotland to study and work, I started my first Job in Northern Ireland in September 1997.

My working life to date has seen me work within companies such as Eric Young and Co, Smith Cole Wright, Healey and Baker, Lisney, Jermon Developments, before opening my own business in 2010.

These companies have allowed me to work in the UK and Ireland and to venture into countries such as Poland.

Things have changed a lot over the last 20 years from the way we work, interact and communicate in the property market.  I have also seen lots of changes in the political, physical and social fabric of Northern Ireland as a region of the UK.

I have helped many companies expand and grow, in Northern Ireland, from small local retailers to large Plc's, over the last two decades, providing local knowledge, advice and guidance, to those that wanted to work with Murphy and at the same time, offering the personnel touch, that clients seem to appreciate.

While we all like to take time to plan the future and what it may bring, having reflected on the past this morning, I have decide to lets just see what happens in the coming week.

I have found that property is a people business and when you meet and talk to people, business will flow from this. Last week, I met with three new companies and this week, I anticipate offering on 5 properties for these companies.

While we can learn from the past, I will always embrace the future, with an open mind and optimism, so lets just see what the next 20 years will bring.

So if you need help and guidance in the property market, in Northern Ireland or further afield, why not give Murphy a call, others have.....