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Murphy secure rent reduction in Park Centre Belfast

Murphy secure rent reduction in Park Centre Belfast

Do you have a break clause, in your lease ,in the next 12 to 18 months and are deciding if you should continue trading in the current location.

Recently, Card Factory instructed Murphy to see what a fair market rental, should be, for a unit they have in the Park Centre, Belfast, following some material changes in the location, which had an affect on their business performance.

They where deciding if they should close or remain open, depending on what could be negotiated with the Landlords, in terms of some adjustments to the current lease.

After some robust discussions with the landlord, Murphy renegotiated the passing rental downwards and some other aspects of the lease.  This has enabled our client to continue trading in the scheme, with some optimism and belief that they can turn a profit in the years to come.

Do you need some help and guidance on deciding the next step, if you have a break clause or are deciding to close a business, then call Murphy, others have…..