Friday, 20 September 2019 News

Revo always learning

Revo always learning

I attended this years Revo Liverpool event for some networking, learning and deal making.

The room was full of mixed emotions, with the retail and leisure industry very much in the state of evolution.

Some interesting things have been learned from the seminars

. the fall in footfall in centre's is driven by family groups shopping less shopping less however enjoying it more

. catering and leisure trips are up 17%

. bricks are driving clicks and sales with some stores having a halo effect for online sales in close proximity

. online is not killing the store.....the store is driving online

. is localism the key to success for companies and trusting local staff to deliever this

. are clone stores the issue or clone do we innovate to connect with the customer

While the deal making was limited this year the learning was not.

2020 is set to be a very interesting year with some tough choices for business