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social distancing and phased opening's

social distancing and phased opening's

Phased opening's due to social distancing is what some businesses are considering at the moment.

Social distancing will play a BIG part in which stores non-essential retailers decide to open first.

They are likely to choose those locations that are the least affected and most likely to make a profit in the short term, based on assumptions they have seen from their "essential retail cousins" over the last two months.

The essential retailers have seen sharp success, followed by sea change in operations, rising running costs and falling profit. They at least have had two months of pandemic retailing to make decisions with going forward. Non-essential retails have not had this insight.

Shopping centre landlords need to push ahead and release their pandemic retail trading plans for their centre so retailers can make an informed decision on when to open a store when relaxations come from the government.

In my view if these are not available it will be easier to make a snap decision not to open a store, because the retailer may not be able to demonstrate to staff and customers that there are safety measure in place to make shopping a safe and maybe even enjoyable experience in the immediate future.

While there might be contractual issues at the moment between landlords and tenants on payment of occupation costs, if the occupier doesn't feel it is worthwhile opening in the coming month they may choose never to open again. 

The lights can't go one everywhere.....it will be the locations most likely to succeed, so please let your occupiers know your pandemic retail strategy for your centre.