Tuesday, 31 March 2020 News

Why acting today may save tomorrow

Why acting today may save tomorrow

As our clients closed there retail stores, some may have for good, which is driving consumers to shop online to stay safe, those that have an online sale platform and can operate this platform safely behind the scenes and source or make products for sale, could be the survivor's post Covid virus pandemic

Retailers must shift their commerce priorities, not only to act as an emergency buffer to what is happening, but to ultimately provide long-term products to their customers, for when the world eventually gets back to a new normal in the coming 9 to 18 months.

This new norm will be one of social distancing shopping for a while, so trade in stores will be limited when people are "out and about" again.

As a realist, how quickly retailers meet these challenges may be the deciding factor on whether they make it as a business or become a victim of the virus.

I maybe one of those victims.....